Forming in the middle of 2004 and deriving their name from both The Velvet Underground song “The Black Angel’s Death Song” and a quote attributed to Edvard Munch, the painter of The Scream, “Illness, insanity, and death are the black angels that kept watch over my cradle and accompanied me all my life,” the Austin-based quintet, The Black Angels have developed a reputation for psych rock that focuses on the darkest recesses and impulses of the human soul – murder, mayhem, madness, menace and unmitigated evil. And although they’re not the first psych band to call Austin their home, they are part of a lengthy list of great Texan rock and psych rock that goes back to the 60s and includes the likes of 13th Floor Elevators, and others. 

If you’ve been following JOVM since its inception, you’d likely be familiar with The Black Angels as I’ve written about them quite a bit over the years. The Texan quintet recently teamed up with the Italian psych rock duo, Sonic Jesus for a split 7 inch record of ominous and moody drone-based psych rock that Fuzz Club Records and Cabin Fever Collective released last December. 

The Black Angels’ contribution “Molly Moves My Generation” possess a rather complicated song structure as it’s composed of at least three distinction sections – a garage rock section possessing throbbing bass, thundering drums and guitars, organs and vocals fed through reverb and delay pedals; a section of ominous drone led by simple yet hypnotic percussion; and an acid freakout section comprised of layers of upon layers of guitar, thundering drums before ending. And those three sections are joined together by an ominous and murderous mood. Sonic Jesus contributes the droning and eerily beautiful “Lost Reprise” which reminds me of several songs off The Black Angels’ incredibly haunting Directions To See A Ghost – as both songs are full of hypnotic, murderous intent.