Founded by producers Eugene Cho and Dan Balis, and fronted by the incredible Adeline MIchele, the 17 member New York-based outfit, Escort have received quite a bit of praise from a multitude of publications and across the blogosphere for a sound that’s essentially a modern reworking of disco with elements of soul and funk – and for a great live show. I caught them live at their first annual Escort Halloween Ball with St. Lucia last year, and it was one of the best shows I saw that year. But seriously, in some way, their sound owes a great debt to the likes of Donna Summer and others. 

Their latest single, “Cabaret” managed to combine elements of modern house with the decadent, pulsating sensuality of disco. The released the Cabaret Single Package the other day, and it included the studio version of the single, as well as remixes by Jacques RenaultLittle Boots, and Tippy Toes. The Little Boots Remix manages to be both a remix and a total reworking – the vocals have been scrubbed from the song with the exception of a portion of the hook; the incredible horn section is retained; but where it differs is that the song manages a sleek, throbbing motorik groove that’s quite infectious.