Freddie Gibbs is arguably one of hip-hop’s most unheralded contemporary emcees and it’s a shame because unlike most of contemporary emcees who regale their listeners with tales of superhuman gangsta feats, Gibbs offers listeners one of the more realistic portrayals of the gangsta life – in Gibbs’ world hustlers misrelate, get betrayed, get set up, get arrested and separated from loved ones, do terrible things and are wracked with regrets and at times seem world weary in a way that seems profoundly true. 

Gibbs teamed up with the incredible Madlib for his latest effort, Piñata, and much like Guilty Simpson and Small Professor’s Highway RobberyPiñata is a meeting of musical minds sharing one very real and very haunting artistic vision. “Deeper” is the last of a trio of singles released on 12 in vinyl, and the latest single (and video) off the album, and it continues the previous releases’ tone – hauntingly eerie soul samples, Gibbs raspy baritone telling real street stories, and sense of menace, mixed with regret and weariness. 

The official video continues the two previous singles videos’ stories but in media res and with some details missing; however, Gibbs’ character has wound up in jail for a bit for some of the activities that occur in the previous two videos.