French Horn Rebellion and Jody Watley at Brooklyn Bowl 4/19/13

French Horn Rebellion and Jody Watley

Brooklyn Bowl

April 19, 2013

The Love Is Dangerous EP represents a bit of a sonic departure for the sibling duo of Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, a.k.a. French Horn Rebellion – they’re still doing electronic dance music but their sound has become incredibly slick, and is reminiscent of Teddy Riley, Kwame and the Polka Dots, and the rest of the New Jack Swing era. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that they were able to enlist Grammy-winning Jody Watley to contribute on the EP, as well as their four week residency at Brooklyn Bowl

As I mentioned in an earlier post, i was at LIttlefield to catch Rabbi Darkside‘s Prospect Avenue release show and had to bolt out for a cab from Gowanus to Williamsburg – it was admittedly, the easiest way to get to Brooklyn Bowl within an hour (and in the rain). 

Although the set was a sweaty dance party – that was the point after all – i did notice a couple of things: the slightly younger crowd wasn’t very familiar with Jody Watley or her work; in fact, i had to tell someone who Watley was. And even then I had to explain that she was particularly big in the 80s. I didn’t have the time to mention that Watley was connected to Soul Train and Shalamar. There was another section of the audience that was there for Jody Watley and they felt particularly ripped off that the set was a quick paced hour or so, and that they only got to see Watley on stage for a few songs at best. She did do a muscular and synth-based version of “Looking for a New Love” and “Don’t You Want Me” among others.  (That was admittedly pretty cool. Plus, Watley was still vamping it up like a diva in what appeared to be 5 inch heels.) Still even with those complaints, I think that French Horn Rebellion won the crowd over with an infectious, fun-loving, goofy energy and with songs that have incredibly catchy hooks. 

Check out some photos below.

Ms. Watley being fierce as hell, y’all. 

The Brooklyn Bowl Crowd enraptured at the goings-on on stage – well, except for this one guy who was kind of creepy.

I met this lovely young woman and her friends during the show, and she was not only a very willing photographic subject, but she wound up being a little bit of an assistant throughout the night.

Throw your hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care. And if you’re ready to rock … 

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