French trio Aufgang’s latest effort Istiklaliya has the members of the band playing piano, drums, synthesizers and other electronics which adds a modern approach to classical compositions – you can hear it on the latest single off the album, “Kyrie” and it’s a pretty thrilling listen, actually. In some way, this approach mimics the band’s story – the trio of Frenchmen meeting in New York and melding the classical with the modern. 

The official video was directed by John B. Root, a renowned French director who has made more than 20 porn films for Canal+, and winner of 2009’s Hot d’Or Award for Best French Director. He’s also the first French director to make both an interactive porn film and a live porn film. Featuring many famous French porn stars and the trio themselves, the video for “Kyrie” is a sultry, almost cultish visual to accompany the piano-driven song. With that in mind, the video is NSFW y’all.