Frequently, as i’m going through the enormous amounts of email and tracks I receive from record labels of various sizes, publicity firms and artists from all over the world, I often wonder how the experience of coming across JOVM would be for you readers, and I suspect that they would be kind of similar.  In any case, I recently received en email from a publicist working with an Allentown, PA-based quartet of The Yetis

Formed in a garage attic by a quartet of childhood friends, the bad had spent their early days covering songs by The Strokes and Arctic Monkey but eventually when they started writing their own material, they started crafting the kind of garage-based surfer rock-sound that not only bears a resemblance to contemporaries like Raccoon Fighter, it also harkens back to the surfer rock sound of the 60s. In other words, jangling guitars played through gently washes of feedback paired with a catchy hook and a playful yet adept bit of harmony that burst out from the mix. 

Much like those classic 60s songs, the band’s latest single “Little Surfer Girl” is an sweet love song directed to the cute, beach bunny the narrator has wanted for the entire summer, and with whom he pleads with to never leave him. It’s a wistful and warm blast of summer that feels necessary right about now, don’t you think?