“Goin’ Places” is the first single from Derobert and the Half-Truths’ prospective full-length album, I’m Tryin’. As soon as you’ll hear the song, you’ll hear a simpler, almost atmospheric approach to the song which gives Derobert Adams’ voice room to roam about the music. And just as important, Adams’ vocals show a restraint and simplicity that’s uncommon for modern R&B and soul – with Adams, there isn’t a wasted note, nor are there vocal flourishes that don’t help the song. It’s truly an old school soul approach …The track is typical of Derobert Adams’ lyrics – positive but always with a sense of humor that comes from hard-fought experience. 

Now there was a reason that I said that Derobert and the Half-Truths forthcoming album was prospective. And there’s a bit of a backstory here so bear with me y’all. 

Since it’s founding in 2007, Nashville, TN’s independent funk and soul label G.E.D. Soul Records has helped to create and establish a retro soul scene in a city that’s primarily known as the home of country music. And in that time the label has released 11 7 inch singles, 4 EPs and 4 full length albums. I personally discovered them through the utterly fantastic Derobert and the Half-Truths and the label has quickly become one of my favorites. 

As an independent, musician-owed label, the label oversees almost every aspect of their operation except for the actual manufacturing of the physical albums. And with an unpaid and small staff, everything involving the label and the production of music to your ears – marketing, sales, album art design, and everything else – is done much like this site, as a labor of love.

With that in mind, G.E.D. Soul can use your help. They’re undertaken the goal of raising the desperately needed funds to release three full-length albums from three of the bands on their roster – Derobert and the Half Truths, who have become known across our fair land, and two others. 

G.E.D. Soul Records’ kickstarter project to raise $15,000 for these three new releases is currently underway and they need your help. Check out more about the Kickstarter project, the rewards for your support and to check out more on their fantastic roster you can visit their homepage: www.gedsoulrecords.com. Also there’s a fascinating mini documentary on the label, and I think it’ll give you a great sense of what the label is about. Good music needs love and support these days.