Goldenboy formed in 2002 when singer, composer, guitarist and keyboardist Shon Sullivan (who played with Eliot Smith, Eels, the Rentals, and Spain) started a collaboration with drummer Bryan Bos. The band’s 2003 debut, Blue Swan Orchestra which included some guest vocals by Eliot Smith was in Southern California indie rock station, KCRW’s rotation. Underneath the Radio and Sleepwalker were the band’s second and third releases respectively, and those albums were also well-received. The New Familiar is the band’s latest album – as well as the follow up to Sleepwalker – and the album has the band expanding and experimenting with their sound. in some cases it’s subtle and in others more obvious. 

“The Walking Song,” is one of the singles from Goldenboy’s latest effort and I think it’s pretty interesting song. The first few bars of the song start off as dreamy, ballad-like indie rock before building up to a crescendo as 70s AM radio-style rock. At that point, it feels like the perfect song to hear while on a road trip with a close friend.