Goldfrapp: Annabel on

Goldfrapp have spent the past two years working on their newest full-length album, Tales of Us. And in those two years, the band has recorded what may arguably be their most gorgeously lush, hauntingly eerie and narrative work to date. “Annabel” is one of the first singles from the album that Warp Records will release on September 10th, and it’s a frankly gorgeous song that sounds as though it should be part of the score for a movie that’s a bildungsroman – the sort of movie in which the protagonist has a sexual and spiritual awakening. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the official video for the song is a gorgeously shot, cinematic black and white that should instantly bring to mind French art films. (in some way, this track reminds me quite a bit of Portishead in the sense that it has an uneasy feeling to it.)

With the album dropping next week, Goldfrapp will be doing quite a lot to support the new effort including a September 9th appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and a Beacon Theatre show on the 10th. During October and November, the band will be touring across Europe.