Growing up in Omaha, NE, Denver Dalley, started writing music in junior high school, frequently playing extremely loud punk rock in a friend’s parents’ garage or basement. After a series of moves from Omaha, to Nashville, TN to New York, Dalley had returned to Omaha so that he could study at Creighton University. And while attending Creighton University, he was reunited with his childhood friends Ian McElroy, Matt Baum, and Conor Oberst and they had formed Desparecidos. Their first and only album, Read Music/Speak Spanish was critically well-received but as Obest’s fame as Bright Eyes grew bigger, each member of the band began concentrating on their own projects. 

Dalley began focusing on his own solo project, Statistics – and he released a couple of solo albums of his own. But he felt burned out and spent a period of time being a hired gun while working on new material at his own pace. The result of that was his forthcoming album Peninsula,which is slated for a June 25th release through Afternoon Records. In some way “Nineteen Ninety Nine” is something of a return to form for Dalley – while showing a greater maturity. And hell, the song is fucking catchy, to boot.