Hailing from West Virginia, Qiet began as the artistic vision and dream of Christopher Vincent when he was 15. James Maddox, Alasha Al-Qudwah, Lacey Hazel, Russell Snyder, Max Venoy and Raphael Godfrey all joined the band and helped fleshed out Vincent’s vision with their ability to play a ton of different instruments; in fact, the band has described their sound as having elements of classic rock, indie rock, gypsy jazz, and others. However, their latest single off their forthcoming album Pet Driftwood,  “Little Window” shares a similarity to their first single, “The Indie Song” – they both sound as though they owe a great debt to arena-friendly classic rock. In fact, it has a rousing, anthemic chorus that’s bolstered by strings. 

It’s probably one of the band’s more straightforward rock songs which starts off with a bass line that reminds me a bit of the opening bass chords of Alice in Chains’ “Would?