Halley DeVestern Band at Mercury Lounge 1/19/15

If you’ve been regularly following JOVM for the past year or so, you may remember that early last year I interviewed the members of the Halley DeVestern Band after the release of their most recent effort, Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho! And what makes the band interesting to me is the fact that the band is comprised of several grizzled and extremely accomplished musicians who have played with the likes of Big Brother and The Holding CompanyMickey DolenzShawn Mullins, The Zen Tricksters, the Lamont Cranston BandDenise Barbarita and The Morning Papers, and others.

As you can imagine, being a music blogger in NYC often means that I’m extremely busy; in fact, I hadn’t seen the Halley DeVestern live as they were often playing sets when I had made prior arrangements to cover someone else’s show in a totally different part of town – or I had a work-related function or something else came up. But last night I finally caught the band at Mercury Lounge performing songs from Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho! and some newly recorded material which will appear on a new EP. Check out some photos from the show below. 

Check out more photos by going to the Flickr set here: