Hearts Bleed Radio Presents: Sunset Guns, Sharkmuffin and the Planes at Fort Useless 7/13/13

This past summer has been incredibly busy – and if you add increasing responsibilities at my day job, I’ve fallen behind on some things that I really should have been on top of some time ago. But back in July, the folks at Hearts Bleed Radio invited me to stop by their showcase at Fort Useless in Bushwick, which featured some local indie acts including Sunset Guns, Sharkmuffin and the Planes

Interestingly, for indie rock none of the bands had a straightforward indie rock sound – although none of the bands had the most polished live set, Sharkmuffin had a sound that was much more interesting, as it had elements of metal, prog rock and noise. And whenever a band brings out a theremin, I’m usually impressed. Sunset Guns in particular had a surfer punk sound that struck me as being kind of familiar. Whereas the Planes seemed more inspired by a band like the Pixies – but shaggier, drunker, rowdier. 

Check some photos from the proceedings below

Sunset Guns

Brooklyn Legends poster, which was ironically enough in the back near the bathroom.


Pedals and more pedals

The Planes

For these photos and more, check out the Flickr set here: