Helen Croome, the Melbourne, Australia-based singer/songwriter writes, records and performs under the moniker of Gossling. Bloggers, industry folks, and others across the States have been buzzing since the release of  “Never Expire” back in August; in fact, the track landed at number 7 on Hype Machine’s list around the same time that it hit the top 20 on Triple J’s list in her native Australia. 

On “Never Expire” her sound managed to be a slickly produced amalgamation of plucked hairs, glistening guitars and European techno/disco — in some way reminiscent me of a glammed up Kate Bush, or Little Boots and Still Corners‘ Strange Pleasures. In that same sense, the material is chillingly haunting and eerie. “That Feeling,” her latest single still employs some electronics, as you’ll hear a subtle swirling in the background; however, the song has a warm country twang and a slinky, seductiveness that feels irresistible.