“Hey, man/is that Freedom Rock?/Yeah?/Turn it off!” is one of the funniest refrains I’ve heard in a song in quite some time, and you’ll hear it on the Intelligence’s latest single, “Hippy Provider.” With it’s choppy, angular guitars, this track in particular is reminiscent of Devo’s “Girl U Want." 

As a band, the Intelligence has been around since 1999, and they’ve developed a reputation for being extremely prolific – they’ve made appearances on at least eight different compilations, two EPs, seven albums and a bunch of singles. Their prolific output has been compared to that of Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall. But they’ve also developed a reputation for constantly changing up their sound and changing their musical direction. On Everybody Got It Easy But Me, the main creative force of the band, Lars Finberg moved to Los Angeles and wound up creating both a Los Angeles line up for the band, as well as retaining the band’s current, Seattle lineup. (Talk about weird.) Check out the video, and the track y’all.