I first heard of the then San Francisco-based trio of Weekend when i was the Whiskey Dregs Magazine’s resident journalist – in my review of their debut effort, Sports I had written: “Weekend’s debut effort is a cathartic, sugary rush of sound, but it is somewhat marred by the fact the fact that this album eerily sounds much like A Place to Bury Strangers’ previous two albums. This may be in part because the band has been together for just about a year but my hope is that they’ll expand upon what is already a fairly popular formula.”  Still, the album generally received critical praise across the blogosphere. 

Weekend released the Red EP through Slumberland Records shortly afterward but it’s the July release of their sophomore EP, Jinx finished just before the band migrated to Brooklyn that reveals a band that has pushed and shoved itself out of its comfort zone, and managed to go through a massive (and obvious) change of sonic direction. Although still punishing in it’s own right, the material – “Mirror” and “Oubilette” – as you’ll see in this Newtown Radio/Swan 7 Studio Session has also taken on an atmospheric, hauntingly eerie beauty that may remind some listeners of a band like Thursday – think of a song like “Understanding in a Car Crash."