If you came of age in the early 1990s, you’d likely remember Mazzy Star’s gorgeously moody and haunting major single, “Fade into You” which was on their sophomore effort, So Tonight I Might See – the song hit number 44 on the Billboard Top 100 that year, and was number 3 on the BillboardModern Rock Tracks list. After the release of their 1996 follow up, Among My Swan, an album that wasn’t as successful commercially as it’s predecessor, the band went on a rather lengthy hiatus. During that time lead vocalist, Hope Sandoval recorded a few solo efforts.

But in 2011 Sandoval and guitarist David Roback released their first material in over 15 years, a double A-sided single “Common Burn”/
“Lay Myself Down.” September 24th will mark the release of the band’s fourth full-length album, Seasons of Your Day, thefirst album from the band in over 15 years. 

“California” is the first single off the forthcoming album, and although it’s sparsely arranged – Sandoval’s vocals backed only by Roback’s guitar. But it manages to be just as eerily gorgeous and haunting as ever. Sandoval’s ethereal voice seems to float through the mix and linger like smoke before it gently dissipates.