If you’re in your 30s, They Might Be Giants may hold a special place in your heart – if anything you’d likely remember the use of their rendition of “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” and their “Particle Man,” in episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures. But somewhere along the way, it was kind of forgotten that the band that had long been known to write quirky songs for kids, actually wrote quirky songs – for adults, too. 

The primary duo of the band, John Linnell and John Flansburgh are set to to release a new compilation of material titled, Idlewild and it includes the anxiously skittering synth-based tune, “Am I Awake,” a song which describes the sensation of being half-awake/half-asleep and not quite knowing what you’ve done or where you’ve been. 

To create awareness for the song, the band has created a contest, seeking creative people – film people and visually-minded people who are up to the challenge. I’m quoting from the band’s contest page, which you can also view here: http://www.theymightbegiants.com/news/creative-people-announcing-they-might-be-giants-am-i-awake-video-contest/

There will be 3 winners and a $1,000 cash prize for each winner. 

And the rules are as follows: Awesomeness required. Originality is a must. If you enter, you should make the video beautiful, bold. stylish, contemporary, psychedelic, mind-bending – or all simultaneously. The band is cool with transparency effects, startling and beautiful imagery, live action, animation and other multimedia, too. If you employ the use of humor, the humor should be extremely deadpan. 

The topic should not be John and John and/or representations of the band. That’s just gets a hell no. 

Also all imagery must be original. Using copyrighted imagery will get you disqualified and you’ll be sad and alone. Too bad, too sad, you know? 

And the cool thing is that John Hodgman will be judging the contest. Of course, all submissions must be uploaded in HD on Vimeo.com with password protection before the deadline of April 7. Then email a message to videocontest@tmbg.com – include a direct link with the password, along with your full name, email address an phone number (someone has to contact you directly if you’re chosen as a winner). 

Most importantly: Good luck!