If you’re in your late 20s to about late 30s, you’ll likely remember the Tiny Toons Adventures episode which featured They Might Be Giants’s playfully nerdy and lovable rendition of “Istanbul (Not Constantinople).” So for many of us we can’t help but think of the band as a band that made quirky children’s music – and for a while they have. But they’ve also been known for quirky yet very interesting music. Nanobots is the first album of “adult music” the band has released in some time, and the album reveals the band as exceptionally talented and pretty inventive musicians.

“You’re on Fire,” the latest single off Nanobots is an incredibly catchy song, and when I played the wonderfully absurd and comic official video for the song featuring Orange is the New Black’s Lauren Lapkus, I must have played it about 15 times. It’s probably one of their more danceable songs of their career and I think you’ll dig it and the video. i mean singing packages of meat  – hilarious!