If you’ve been following JOVM at any point over the past five years, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that over the course of a particular band’s album or EP that you may come across several singles – and a couple of remixes, when it comes up. Now, a couple of months ago you may remember coming across a post on the Portland, OR-based stoner rock trio Sons of Huns. Comprised of Pete Hughes (guitar, vocals), Ryan Northrop (drums) and Aaron Powell (bass, vocals), Sons of Huns have developed a reputation across Portland and the Pacific Northwest for a power chord-based, stoner rock, psychedelic sound that sounds quite a bit like The Sword, Luna Sol, Queens of the Stone Age and others. 

Produced by Toshi Kasai, who’s best known for his work with Tool and The Melvins, and featuring guest appearances by Saint Vitus’ Scott “Wino” Weinrich and The Melvins’ Dale Crover, the Pacific Northwestern-based trio’s forthcoming sophomore effort, While Sleeping Stay Awake reportedly explores many of life’s (and the universe’s) biggest questions – inspired by Hughes’ own experience suffering through Lyme Disease. And thematically, as Hughes notes in press notes, the album also discusses Raja Yoga, meditation, Egyptian magic, occult and Hermetic philosophy, the connection between the stars and the cycle of life and more. 

But even without knowing that, the big Metallica-like power chords, thundering drumming and shouted lyrics that you’ll hear on While Sleeping Stay Awake’s latest single “Osiris Slain,” should capture your attention and make you want to headbang as hard as humanly possible. Structurally, the song channels long hair-era Metallica as the song twists and turns through several sections while held together by the rhythm section as it goes to its conclusion. But regardless of that, play this one as loud as humanly possible.