If you’ve been following JOVM over the course of the past 5 years, you may be familiar with Reed Kackley, a Brooklyn-based production and musician, best known for his work in Silent Rider, an act that initially began as a solo recording and production project that has expanded over the years to become a full band.  And with Silent Rider, Kackley and company have developed a reputation for a production style thatstitches together bits of different genres with melodramatic vocals, swelling, swooning synths, somber piano chords with big room-rattling drums in a way that is reminiscent to Radiohead, Massive Attack and Washed Out. 

Kackley’s solo side project, BAILE has interestingly enough been a sonic departure from his work in Silent Rider. Although still firmly rooted in downtempo electronica, BAILE’s sound on “Second Life,” the first single off his From the Depths subtly nodded towards St. Lucia – a slickly produced sound possessing soaring, almost trembling synths. “Leaves,” featuring Felicia Douglass strikes me as leaning much more towards house music as the song pairs Douglass’ effortlessly soulful vocals with propulsive drum programming,  cascading and undualting synths. While subtly channelling Snap’s “Rhythm Is A Dancer,” From the Depths’ latest single  may arguably be one of the most sensual songs that Kackley has ever released.