If you’ve been following JOVM over the last six or seven months or so, you might recall coming across a couple of posts on the Brooklyn-based quartet, The Wilful Boys. Comprised of Mikey (bass), Fisher (vocals and drums), Nicky (rhythm guitar) and Johnny (lead guitar), the quartet have quickly developed a reputation for aggressively slashing guitar chords, thundering drums and howled vocals that channel sleazy old school New York punk as you would have heard on “Anybody There” and on their latest single “Flat Out.” 

Lyrically, Fisher howls about the bitterly laughable and deplorable conditions of his life – lint and old receipts in pockets broke while your expenses and your way of life manages to keep costing your money. Somehow if you’re unemployed, underemployed or have lived the life of an artist, the scenarios depicted in the song are familiar, embarrassing and demeaning.