If you’ve been following JOVM since the very beginning, you may be familiar with the New York-based indie dance pop sensation AVAN LAVA. Initially formed by producers and multi-instrumentalists Le Chev and Ian Pai, the creative masterminds behind AVAN LAVA can trace their origins to a conversation the duo had about their mutual adulation of Prince, Daft Punk, R&B, and indie music, and began to contemplate how all of those influences could be melded into one particular sound while touring with Fischerspooner. A few months later, Chev and Pai were in New York, when they discovered vocalist TC Milan performing in The Last Goodbye, a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set to the music of the late and utterly fantastic, Jeff Buckley. Although their debut effort, Visions possessed a lo-fi, shoegazer-based sound that the Village Voice compared to Sigur Ros

However, Flex Fantasy the trio’s sophomore EP was not just a complete change in sonic direction, it moved their overall sound closer to the sound that both Le Chev and Ian Pai had desired in the first place – a high energy, neon-bright, polished, electronic pop sound based around late 80s and early 90s house music. In other words it’s a sound comprised of sleek, sinuous synth lines, throbbing bass, big drum beats and incredibly catchy hooks paired with seductively cooed, soulful vocals – and it quickly won the trio attention across the blogosphere. Their recently released, Make It Real EP will cement the act’s reputation for a crowd pleasing, dance floor sound. “Wanna Live,” one of the EP’s singles is comprised of staggering, cascading layers of synths, glitchy vocal samples, cymbal-led percussion and TC Milan’s vocals to create a buoyantly upbeat, contemporary house track. 

Lefti recently remixed the track retaining the glitchy vocal samples and TC MIlans’ vocals but pairs them with a seductive, sinuous bass line, swirling electronics and various bloops and bleeps. Interestingly, Lefti’s remix also manages to retain the buoyant spirit of the song but adds an urgent, sensuality to its shimmering party vibe.