If you’ve followed this site over the past two years or so, you’d know that I’ve written about the New York-based 17 member ensemble Escort. Founded by producers and composers Eugne Cho and Eugen Balls, and featuring the incredibly charismatic vocalist Adeline Michele, the group has been praised across the blogosphere and in several major publications for a sound that pays homage to 70s funk and disco but with modern production and electronics — in some way, it’s just as seductive but flashier and slicker.

The original version of the song is a late period disco track with cascading and twinkling synths, four on the floor drums, Nile Rodgers-styled rhythm guitar, throbbing bass and a slinky and sensual feel. In some way the original song sounds like a sexed up rendition of Hall and Oates “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”  

Morgan Geist recently remixed the song and although he retains the cascading and twinkling synths, his remix turns the disco-era like sound into more of a freestyle/house music sound as the four of the floor drums are replaced with subtler percussion in the form of what sounds like cowbell and conga drum and the bass line has been replaced by additional layers of synths. The Morgan Geist remix turns the song into something much sleeker — and simultaneously nostalgia-inducing and modern.