“Ignorance is bliss” TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe sings with a a mixture of subtly mirthful indifference, a world-weary heartache and sighing resignation during the refrain of “Happy Idiot,” the first single from the Brooklyn-based quartet in about three years – and the first single off the band’s first full-length album in three years, the forthcoming Seeds (which is slated for a November 18 release). 

Since the band’s formation back in 2001, TV on the Radio has developed a reputation for some of the most challenging, thoughtful and ambitious work both sonically and lyrically in contemporary music and “Happy Idiot” further cements that, thanks to frenetically-paced four-on-the-flour drums. swirling electronics, looped samples and a guitar line that slashes through the mix at crazy angles. In some way, the track bears a resemblance to New Order but with a sensibility that’s so fatalistic that it strangely feels sort of absurd and menacing. 

In some way, the track much like their previous releases reveals a band that’s continually shifting it’s focus, sensibility and sound. And much like their previous releases, this is a song that reveals itself on multiple listens – and manages to create a multitude of interpretations depending on your mood.