In the ten years since Steve Smith and Paul Harris formed Dirty Vegas, they’ve released a number of critically applauded and popular singles, including “Let the Night,” which hit the Italian Top 40 Singles Chart, and they’ve won a Grammy for the Best Electronic Album. After having Capitol Records sign them in France, Germany and the UK, the duo released their latest single “Setting Sun, Part 1” And when you hear the track it’s unapologetically pop orientated. In some way it will remind you a bit of both St. Lucia and of Cut Copy, as it’s anthemic, and comprised of earnestly sung vocals, shimmering synths, acoustic guitar and other strings, and a summery feel. 

The singles package includes a Nora En Pure’s deep house remix, which adds room rattling bass and drums, percussion in the form of snapping fingers, and undulating synths. Her remix turns the song into a club banger, while retaining the anthemic and summery feel of the song. And Chad Tyson’s adds layers of percussion, squiggly, skittering synths, swirling electronics which create a tight groove, and pitched down vocals. Essentially, he crafts a festival moving club banger.