Initially composed of Abisha Uhi (lead vocals, guitar), Katie Murphy (lead vocals and lead guitar), Jessie Farmer (bass and vocals) and Brooke Svanes (drums), the Minneapolis, MN-based quartet of Sick of Sarah, take their name from a former roommate of Uhi’s named Sarah, who had grown tired of her name, and complained that she was “sick of Sarah” formed in 2005.  This year marks the band’s 10th anniversary and in that time there have been several lineup changes, the band left their long-time label home, Adamant Records, have dealt with increasing financial instability (a common problem for countless musicians out there), relentless and exhausting touring and a host of other issues. And in some way the band’s forthcoming EP, Anthem slated for a June 30 release serves as a statement album – the sort of album that proudly says “we’re still here, goddamn it!” while also serving as a refinement of the sound that won both regional and national attention. 

“Rooftops” the latest single off the forthcoming Anthem EP is a rousingly and slickly anthemic track comprised of punchy lyrics, angular and subtly stabbing guitar lines layered with shimmering guitar lines underneath, throbbing bass and thundering drums paired with punchy harmonies. But what really captures the attention is that the band can craft the sort of catchy hook that channels 120 Minutes-era alternative rock – in particular, I’m personally reminded of The Juliana Hatfield Three, The Cranberries and others. But it also subtly channels a familiar rock trope – the rousing “it’s time to blow this dead town and chase after our dreams, come hell or high water!” song but they do so with the earnest urgency that comes from hard fought experience.  

The band is on an extensive US tour to build up buzz for the album, including a stop on Friday at The Bowery Electric. I’ve heard that they’re great live, so catch them at a venue near you.