I’ve become quite a fan of the wunderkind Swiss producer and electronic music artist Sebastian Muller, who is better known by his moniker, Sebastian Carter. As Sebastian Carter, Muller is part of a burgeoning sub-genre movement that many journalists, bloggers and artists have referred to as chill-wave/deep house. And much like deep house, producers within this new genre have employed the use of dreamy danceable rhythms and sensual melodies, as well as lot of sinuous keyboard – additionally, with Carter, he’s developed a breezy, populist sound that’s infectious and put him on the international map.

Muller was recently enlisted to remix the Texas-born and Los Angeles-based electro pop artist Chelsea Lankes’ slow burning blogosphere smash “Down For Whatever” and Muller’s remix retains the song’s seductive nature while pushing the tempo to a smooth house track, thanks to thick, cascading synth chords, propulsive drums and swirling electronics. In some way, the remix bears an uncanny resemblance to Cut Copy’s In Ghost Colours as the song further cements Muller’s reputation for crafting electronic music with a populist bent.