I’ve been a David Bowie fan since I was a small child, so when I stumbled on this live footage of Beck’s re-working of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision,” I was naturally pretty excited – it also helps that I like a lot of Beck’s work and have seen him live several years ago. 

What I think is really interesting about this particular video is that in order to create 360 sound, they used the binaural recording process. it’s been used a number of times including three Lou Reed records and most recently Pearl Jam’Binaural. You’ll see a large mannequin head above the stage, and it has microphones inserted into it’s ears in order to recreate how people actually hear, and in order to create 360 degree sound. From what I’ve been told, the best way to capture what the directors and artist were attempting to do, is to use a pair of headphones. So plug on in y’all.