i’ve been caught the Octopus Project twice when they’ve stopped in the NYC area, and live the band plays with an infectiously joyous, gleeful energy – that is while having a sound that kicks ass. Peek-A-Boo Records will be releasing the Austin, TX-based quartet’s latest album, Fever Forms and the new album has the band being typically experimental, while altering their sound quite a bit – there’s a greater emphasis on buzzing synths and theremin. in the case of “Sharpteeth,” the second and latest single, the song has a playful, children’s song-like feel before kicking major ass. 

The video has a band of furred and feathered usurpers playing segments of the tune, in a weird world that resembles the American Natural History Museum before they meet the actual members of the Octopus Project, and the video turns into a psychedelic trip of an experience. It’s actually quite a fitting experience.