Jacob Dilβner a.k.a Wankelmut is a 24 year old producer who moved to Berlin last year to study philosophy and political science. One night, he was playing around with one of his favorite songs on Ableton Live, cutting, filtering, and adding a four on the floor groove until Asaf Avidan and the Mojos mournful, bittersweet “One Day/The Reckoning Song” turned into one of Europe’s biggest summer anthems. From listening to the track, it’s the sort of song that not only speaks of profound heartbreak and betrayal with a complex mix of anger, bitter regret, sadness, and a undercurrent of hope – a sort of “Fuck you, because I’ve gotten over it,” sentiment that should feel familiar. But it’s also the sort of song that you can picture yourself drunkenly yelling/singing along with at 3:30am.