Jacob Faber (drums), Nick Kiveln (vocals, guitar) and Julia Cumming (vocals and bass) are a Brooklyn-based psychedelic trio, Sunflower Bean.  interestingly, the trio have garnered quite a bit of attention across both New York’s incredibly crowded music scene, the likes of publications such as Interview, Rookie Magazine, and BK Mag – and in a very short period of time, to boot. 

“Tame Impala” is the Brooklyn-based trio’s latest single is a bluesy, psychedelic tune that bristles with a bilious fury that reminds me quite a bit of Screaming Females and others. But interestingly, the song’s structure bears an uncanny resemblance to Badmotorfinger and Superunknown-era Soundgarden – expect tempo changes in a song that defies popular songwriting conventions; in fact, “Tame Impala” manages to be comprised of a couple of distinct sections linked together by a few common threads, while kicking ass.