Jeffery Drag Records released Bad Cop’s latest EP, The Light On earlier back on July 23rd. Produced by Cage the Elephant’s Brad Schultz, the album has 5 songs which sound frantic and impatient. On the vinyl version of the album, “Barbarella Graham” is the bonus song, and man, it’s blistering song that kicks ass and takes names while owing a debt to classic rock – think of a sleazier, wilder, drugged up Rolling Stones or a Ritalin-addled Ramones. In the song there seems to be a barely contained 

The band is touring to support the new EP and it’ll include two NYC area dates, August 27th at Cameo Gallery and August 28th at PIano’s. Both shows will include the impressive, fellow Nashville, TN-based band Plastic Visions, who were in town last month.