Joan Shelley is a Louisville, KY-based singer/songwriter who records and tours with several different projects including her own band, the June Brides, the old-timey trio Maiden Radio, and in duets with Daniel Martin Moore, Nathan Salsburg and more recently another singer/songwriter Joe Manning, who’s best known in Louisville in that city’s bluegrass scene, and for his work in King’s Daughters and Sons. (Actually, Louisville has burgeoning music scene – in particular several indie rock and bluegrass bands of some national note have been making a name for that city.)  

As other critics have noted, Shelley’s work isn’t full of pyrotechnics and isn’t explosively loud; however, she’s developed a reputation for work that has a lingering and inescapable presence. In fact, Shelley has teamed up  with Manning for a new single “Outside, Stay Outside,” a hushed and hauntingly gorgeous single that manages to sound a bit old-timey, as though it came from an dusty old album found in used record store.