Joseph Eaves, who writes, records and performs under the moniker of Eaves is a 20-something Leeds, UK-based singer/songwriter, who has won quite a bit attention across his native UK  an old fashioned DIY manner – through word of mouth, after the release of several demos. And once you hear “As Old As The Grave,” it’ll seem obvious that the DIY, pre-Internet way of garnering attention would be quite fitting for the young singer/songwriter. whose material manages to sound both contemporary and from the 1970s, as the song possesses a deliberate, thoughtful nature. And although there’s a stunning beauty, thanks to the song’s arrangement of strings, guitar and Eaves cooed vocals, the material also manages to possess a sense of regret, hopelessness and restraint. In fact, as Eaves has admitted the songs on his As Old As The Grave EP are influenced by the small British town life that’s simultaneously stifling, hopeless and desperate; in fact, in interviews Eaves has talked about how prevalent alcoholism was and in some way the album talks about that as well with an honesty and sensitivity that reflects an maturity that’s way beyond the singer/songwriter’s years.