Kevin O’Rourke started the Northampton, MA-based band Lo Fine back in the late 1990s, and throughout that time the band’s work has been praised  for work that’s been beautiful, literate, and meditative. Following the release of Lo Fine’s Not For Us Two, O’Rourke toured the States and over 40 countries – mostly hired by other bands. While on the road, he began writing and recording the material that became Lo Fine’s forthcoming album Want Is A Great Need. As O’Rourke has said about his time on the road, “It re-focused me on what I love the most, and where I started, which is writing songs and recording the at home, or at least by myself. as best as I could, no worrying about whether or not the track was destined for an album. I got back to writing and recording for myself on my Tascam cassette 4-track, as well as utilizing the advances in technology that allowed me to just open up my laptop in a hotel room somewhere, and capture something that I came up with while I was traveling.” With the help of of engineer Jose Ayerve, and a bunch of talented musician friends, O’Rourke was able to flesh out the “skeletons” of songs into complete songs.

“Lie In White” is the first single off the forthcoming album which will drop on November 5th. The single manages to have a slight and very hazy psychedelic buzz, underpinned by a very subtle, slow-burning (almost glacial) sort of beauty.