Kwesi K is a Ghanian singer/songwriter who has spent time residing in Alaska and Ohio. And as an artist, he’s been praised by critics and bloggers alike for a sound that frequently employes elements of various music played and listened across the African Diaspora – so naturally, you’ll hear bits of soul, R&B, folk and the like. And much like the great Bill Withers and Michael Kiwanuka, Kwesi K has a delivery that’s introspective but has an easy-going soulful nature without a hint of irony or pretense. 

Also much like Withers and Kiwanuka, Kwesi K’s lyrics as you’re hear on “Great Goodbye,” which will appear on his forthcoming EP, Lovely have a novelist’s attention to small, lived in detail – you can picture the “dirty jeans and car keys on the floor,” that he sings in the refrain of an incredibly sweet, very beautiful love song – a love song that describes the loneliness of being on the road and having to leave your lover for lengthy periods of time. 

Sonically, the song has a fittingly easy-going arrangement – Kwesi K’s gorgeous vocals, a little bit of piano, guitar and drums, in a song that has a slight country twang, especially around a beautiful guitar solo.