Last March, the Wellington, New Zealand-based duo of Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr perform and record as Black City Lights. And since the release of their critically well-received debut EP, Parallels, the duo have quickly been considered one of their country’s emerging new bands.  Stars and Stripes Records (kind of fitting today, perhaps?) will be releasing the duo’s debut full length, Another Life on August 6th. 

“Give It Up,” is the first single from the debut full-length and it has an atmospheric sparseness which gives room for Parr’s impressive vocals to roam about icy synth chords, and menacingly clattering industrial noises. In some way, there’s a tightrope balance between and icy minimalism and a lush, layered sound. The track bears some resemblance to several acts in particular VYIE and Zambri