Last month marked the domestic release of Shelly Bhushan’s latest full-length effort, Something Out of Nothing (the album saw a much larger release this past month), and the album reveals an artist who has grown remarkably over the last couple of years. Sonically, the material is a bit of a departure from both Picking Daises or Make Believe as the compositions on the album are simpler, allowing room for Bhushan’s vocals and lyrics, while creating a very intimate feel — as though you were catching Bhushan and her backing band in a local venue downtown. Lyrically, the songs capture the profundity within the mundane and daily experiences of her life, and those of others. And Bhushan does so with an unvarnished, unflinching honesty. In her songs, you hear the messiness of average, everyday life, as well as the simple triumphs — such as being deeply (and honestly) in love. 

Bhushan recently released the official video for “Flickering,” one of my favorite tracks off the new album. I love her voice and I think the video will show Bhushan as being charming and absolutely likable. Plus, she has an amazing voice.