Last night, I was at the unofficial home office, Brooklyn Bowl for the the ninth annual Donuts Are Forever Party, to celebrate the life and music of the great and beloved hip-hop producer, J. Dilla. It’s always an incredible night as I’m there with some of my dearest and beloved friends and associates, tons of real hip-hop fans and a variety of artists and DJs. 

Busta Rhymes showed up and told the Brooklyn Bowl crowd a very funny and very poignant story about being with J. Dilla during his last days in Los Angeles.  At this point Dilla was extremely ill – Dilla couldn’t walk and Dilla’s mother had become her son’s ad hoc engineer, assisting him in his production work. Anyway, the story reveals how close Dilla and his mom were, how cool she is, and it reminded me that maybe I should give my mom a hug. I suspect you’ll think the same thing. 

As always, long live, J. Dilla!