Last week Jack Daveyreleased L0-F! D’Lux , which offers a complete vision of Davey’s sonic departure from guitar-based soul to a grittier, grunge rock. Today marked, the release of the video for “Get Up!,” and it includes footage of her supporters and friends rocking out to the song – and it manages to perfectly fit into Davey’s DIY ethos. (You do see Jack Davey in the video but briefly and it’s because the concept behind the video was to focus on the people who inspired Davey to create, and to create a song like Davey. And in some other, perhaps unintentional way, was to show how heartfelt, honest music really connects with people.)

Interestingly, Davey has teamed up with the folks at the Vinyl District for a unique contest. The winner will win a limited edition handmade, physical copy of L0-F! D’Lux! and Davey’s personal vinyl copy of The Stooges self-titled debut. How about that for being pretty cool? 

You can check the details out here: