Last year, Jean-Philip Grolber, who records and performs under the moniker of St. Lucia released two EPs which were reviewed quite favorably by publications such as The New Yorker and NYLON, and across the blogosphere – in fact, both his self-titled EP and September landed on this site’s Honorable Mentions portion of the Best of 2012 list, thanks to the fact that Grobler can write an exceptionally catchy pop hook. Grobler has also developed quite a reputation for a densely layered, shimmering production style that’s slick as hell but without polishing the earnestness behind the material away. In fact, “September” the album title track off the September EP was one of my favorite singles of the year, last year for those very same reasons. (Grobler and his backing band are great live, and are worthy of your hard-earned concert funds.) 

“Elevate” is St. Lucia’s lates single, off his soon-to-be released new effort, When the Night and it further cements Grobler’s reputation for crafting incredibly slick, shimmering pop hooks that burrow their way into your ears and hearts. Much like his production work with Haerts, the song manages to soar and feel incredibly uplifting.  Check out the bridge which includes propulsive handclaps and horns which gives the song a brief and warm burst of explosive energy.  

Yes, Grobler’s work is incredibly reminiscent of the 80s synth pop a great deal of us will remember fondly, and honestly that’s not a bad thing, especially when it’s done so fucking well. I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head since i stumbled on to the video, and I think you’ll say the same.