Lawrence Curry is  Halifax, NS-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer, who shifted from classically-based compositions to digital audio workstations and a MIDI keyboard to produce original music and sound design for film and media art installations, under the moniker of Wyon. Curry’s sound design appears in the short film Devil’s Island and in Fire in the Valley, a documentary film on Canadian artist Tom Forrestall. His debut EP, Young Portrait was an instrumental effort largely inspired by childhood travels and experiences, which was praised by fellow Canadian electronic artist Digits

“Electric Boots,” the latest single off Curry’s soon-to-be released full-length effort, Equal at Night is an extremely cinematic, moodily atmospheric composition that sounds as though it channels Giorgio Moroder and Umberto, as the track is comprised of layers twisting, turning and cascading synths that create a steady motorik groove paired with mathematically precise drum programming. In some way, it sounds like it should be part of the soundtrack of a tense, futuristic thriller.