Led” by the boyish and mischievous Stuart Bogie, the septet of Superhuman Happiness may be one of the more accomplished bands in New York, if not the country, as members of the band have played with Antibalas, Iron and Wine, the Phenomenal Handclap Band and others. And over the last couple of years, while playing in their other outfits, the Brooklyn-based have released a number of 45s, 7 inch singles and their 2011 EP The Physical – all of which have garnered quite a bit of attention and love across the blogosphere. Including this site, of course. Their “GYML” single was reviewed quite favorably and The Physical landed at number 20 on this site’s Best of 2012 list. But perhaps just as important for any band, they started to gain national attention opening for the likes of RubblebucketMarco BeneventoSinkane and Red Baraat.   And although it may have taken three very busy years for the band to write, perfect and record the material that comprises their full-length debut Hands, the album, which was released earlier this year through Royal Potato Family Records, may well be the band’s coming out party on the national stage.

if anything, Hands accurately captures the unbridled sense of joy and mischievous fun that radiates from each member during their live sets. And perhaps most importantly, the album continues a major trend in independently released  music – possessing an uncompromising sensibility that makes it sound unlike anything you would normally come across on mainstream, terrestrial radio. Sonically, the album boasts a complex, multilayered sound which boasts a wide array of influences from Afrobeat, jazz, funk, rock, indie rock and others. You’ll hear that in the latest single off the album, “Elevator Elevation,” which has Bogie playing a wild John Coltrane-like riff on his sax, and is propelled by percussive handclaps throughout. 

The video, which was edited by the band’s dear friend Tatiana McCabe, who actually coined the band’s name and has footage of a variety of 80s action stars suiting up for action. It’s pretty fucking hilarious.