Lenses, the sophomore effort from the now Los Angeles, CA-based duo Soft Metals was released last month by Brooklyn-based Captured Tracks Records. And with the release of the official video for album title track, “Lenses,” it’s apparent that the album consists of material that frequently exudes an sweaty, urgent and carnal sensuality – although “Lenses” is an icier track with a sensuality that subtly melts the chill of the song. And it’s emphasized through vocalist Patricia Hall’s seductive cooing. But it also shares a propulsive and undulating synth line, much like the rest of the material on the album that not only pulls the song forward, it bears a resemblance to Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk.

The duo will be in town on September 1st as part of the Captured Tracks 5th Anniversary Festival at the Well in Bushwick.