Les Claypool’s latest project, Duo De Twang is essentially, an extremely deconstructed version of some of Claypool’s previous projects —i.e. Primus. In the case of Duo De Twang, their arrangements consist of Claypool on bass and vocals, with frequent collaborator Bryan Kehoe on guitar and basic beats provided by tambourine (apparently attached to someone’s foot). Four Foot Shack, the project’s debut effort focuses more on a down home on the front porch kind of Americana. Their first single was an incredibly twangy, Americana-inspired rendition of the Primus classic, “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver.”

The duo follow up with their equally twangy, and unique cover of Alice in Chain’s “Man In The Box," that plays with the song’s melody and hook while at times sounding somewhat familiar – mainly around the chorus. It’s probably one of the more interesting renditions you’ll hear of the song.