Lisa Papineau has been around as a multidisciplinary artist for quite some time – she’s been in experimental theater, narrated and produced films, written and composed songs for the soundtracks of several movies, and has been a critically praised songwriter and performer. In fact, Tori Amos, whose sound bears an uncanny similarity has been quite complimentary of Papineau and her work over the years.  (And interestingly, if you’re familiar with the work of acts like Air, M83 and others, you may have heard her voice without recognizing who it belonged to – much in the same fashion like Kate Bush.)

“Out For a Swim” is the first single off Papineau’s third full-length effort, Blood Noise which will see an October 8th release through Neurotic Yell Records, and it has a hauntingly eerie beauty that manages to feel much like a fever dream. I’ve played the song on a number of occasions and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head – partially because of Papineau’s voice which manages to be subtly expressive, and at times almost brittle to the point of shattering before you.