Live Concert Photography: Biz Markie with Masta Ace at SummerStage, Herbert von King Park 6/17/15

Live Concert Photography: Biz Markie with Masta Ace

SummerStage, Herbert von King Park

June 17, 2015

As I’ve mentioned a number of times lately, this summer has arguably been one of the busiest summers in the five year history of JOVM, and I’ll be catching up as best as I can for the next few weeks. With that in mind, last month I was at Herbert von King Park in lovely Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to catch a SummerStage showcase featuring Biz Markie, hip-hop’s beloved clown and Masta Ace, who as a friend and colleague noted is one of hip-hop’s most underrated emcees.

Admittedly, it was one of the more underwhelming Summerstage showcases I’ve been to in quite some time. An opening DJ set featuring Mister Cee seemed a little bit too long, although it did admittedly put the crowd in a good mood and had the crowd dancing. Admittedly, what I love about the Herbert von King Park Summerstage shows is the fact that the crowds who come to see shows there, come to have a good time — and it’s so infectious that you wind up having a good time.




(Photo Caption: This man was dancing his ass off during Mister Cee’s DJ set)


(Photo Caption: The legendary Ralph McDaniels with Mister Cee)



(Photo Caption: I think this guy won the night.)

As a solo artist Masta Ace stuck me as possessing an awkward, uncomfortable stage presence, which unintentionally detracted from the fact that as an emcee he’s actually quite talented. (Interestingly, I saw him the other day at the Rocksteady Crew 38th Anniversary Show with a collaborate project, EMC and he struck me as being an almost entirely different person.)







IMG_0217Vapors,” “Nobody Beats the Biz,” two of my favorite Biz songs, and sadly a truncated version of “Just a Friend” that had Biz doing just the chorus, ended a fun set in a rather disappointing fashion. “Just a Friend” is Biz Markie’s best known song and he couldn’t do it in its entirety? What’s with that?


(Photo Caption: Biz Markie beatboxing at Herbert von King Park)






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