Live Concert Photography: Oldermost at Rockwood Music Hall 7/21/18

Live Concert Photography: Oldermost at Rockwood Music Hall 7/21/18

Over the last half of 2016, I had written quite a bit about the Philadelphia, PA-based indie rock quartet Oldermost, and as you may recall, the band led by its creative mastermind and primary songwriter Bradford Bucknam received attention from this site and elsewhere for a 70s AM radio rock sound that immediately brought to mind  Nick Drake, and Wish You Were Here-era Pink Floyd with the release of singles like “Honey With Tea”  “Finally Unsure” and a gorgeous cover of  Graham Nash’s I Used To Be A King,” that emphasized the song’s bittersweet nature.

The band’s fourth full-length album,  How Could You Ever Be The Same? was released earlier this month through AntiFragile Music and from the rollicking and anthemic “The Danger of Belief” and the wistful “Same To Me” the album finds the Philadelphia-based indie rock moving towards a much more complex sound while carefully blending neuroticism and mysticism. Last Saturday, the members of Oldermost played a celebratory set  at Rockwood Music Hall featuring the material off How Could You Ever Be The Same? Check out some photos from that set below.

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