Live Footage: The Jesus and Mary Chain on Last Call with Carson Daly

(Caption: The Jesus and Mary Chain Performing “The Living End”)

(Caption: The Jesus and Mary Chain Performing “A Taste of Cindy” and “Never Understand”)

When the members of The Jesus and Mary Chain wrote, recorded and then released their seminal and arguably most influential album, Psychocandy 30 years ago — yes, 30 years ago — the band had intended the effort to be a proverbial kick in the teeth to everyone who they felt stood in their way, which at the time, they believed was practically the entire music industry. As the band’s frontman Jim Reid has remarked “In 1985 there were a great many people who predicted no more than a six month life span for the Mary Chain.” And although there were a fair number of naysayers who didn’t understand or appreciate the band’s abrasive version of psych pop at the time, JAMC has wound up having a cultish devotion, while kind of quietly becoming a highly influential band for a number of contemporary acts including A Place to Bury Strangers, Japandroids, Liz Phair and countless others.

Last month JAMC was at the FYF Fest in Los Angeles with the aforementioned A Place to Bury Strangers and the folks at Last Call with Carson Daly shot this great footage of the band playing “The Living End,” “A Taste of Cindy” and “Never Understand.” Check it out.